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The Medinetz Karlsruhe works together with numerous physicians of different disciplines in the area of Karlsruhe. They help to provide people without health insurance with basic humanitarian health care.

Practically, the work is as follows: The patient presents himself by phone or through our office hours. Depending on the symptoms, we will refer you to a suitable doctor. The actual treatment in practice is unbureaucratic and without a medical attest. Our doctors work mainly on a voluntary basis, in some cases they charge reduced fees. After treatment, the doctor calculates the unavoidable costs for laboratory examinations with the Medinetz.

Angelika Leist

For a long time, the Human Rights Center Karlsruhe e.V. sees a special need for improving the medical care of refugees. This was discussed in various roundtable discussions with representatives of public authorities and local authorities and the urgency was confirmed from all sides.

For illegalised people, Medinetz Karlsruhe offers a persecution-free space in the Human Rights Center, in which discrimination and racism are not tacitly endorsed and where those affected can find fast, practical, low-threshold and free support. Under honorary direction of Dr. med. Angelika Leist a free consultation takes place weekly. The counseling center offers the mediation of medical treatment, not their implementation. For Medinetz to be a shelter for the persecuted, maintaining anonymity is an important working principle. On the basis of a consultation, the forwarding to resident physicians, midwives and hospitals takes place in the next step. If necessary, contacts to other counseling centers are provided.