About Us

Medinetz wants to ensure access to medical care for undocumented migrants, regardless of race, skin color or gender.

About Us

Our counseling center offers the mediation of medical treatment, not its implementation. The Medinetz Karlsruhe is directed by Dr. med. Angelika Leist.

Our network of cooperating partners consists of physicians of all disciplines, as well as midwives, physiotherapists, translators and others.

In order to guarantee the continuity of the work of the association, we always welcome people who want to join our initiative.

For ideas and suggestions for the further development of our network, we are always open and thank you for all forms of support.

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Help for people without papers

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Undocumented migrants living as illegalized migrants have very limited access to health care. Special laws, such as the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, severely restrict medical care for refugees in the asylum procedure or for refugees with toleration. For example, medical care is only granted in the case of acute illness and for maternity care and childbirth. Even this poor minimum supply is withheld from undocumented people. Although they can get a sickness certificate through the social welfare office, this is connected with a report to the immigration office and thus a possible deportation.

Our goal and our work

In our consultation, we try to determine in a conversation, which medical needs exist and by which specialist the treatment should be performed. Subsequently, the mediation will be given to the doctors, who have agreed to treat our patients anonymously and free of charge or at low cost.

The anonymity of our advice is guaranteed in any case. Personal data is not collected. Medinetz Karlsruhe does not pass on information to state authorities. The advice is free.

On the basis of a consultation, the forwarding to resident physicians, midwives, hospitals, etc., follows. If necessary, translators and contacts are transferred to other counseling centers.


Our mediation is exclusively voluntary. The doctors provide their treatment as far as possible free of charge.
Medication and laboratory costs, expensive examinations and hospital stays are financed through donations and, if possible, through the patient’s own contribution.

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Legal Situation

The current state of jurisprudence is that the help offered by the medical doctors is above the registration requirement. For several years, similar initiatives have existed in various German cities (e.g. Freiburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Berlin, Mainz etc.) and no doctor or clinic has yet been prosecuted for having people without a valid residence status been treated. On the contrary, many municipalities welcome the commitment to this group of people because they do not have to worry about the problem themselves.

The German Medical Association expressly points out that doctors do not make themselves punishable by providing medical care to undocumented people. Rather, it is a medical duty to provide for a sick person, regardless of residence status.

For undocumented migrants there is often a considerable inhibition to seek medical treatment in Germany. Too great is the fear that a visit will be reported to the foreigns authority, which can lead to deportation in the worst case. One thing is certain: medical confidentiality also applies to undocumented migrants. Doctors who treat patients without legal residence status in their own practice are not allowed to report to the police or immigration authorities. For a trustworthy relationship between patient, doctor and Medinetz, adherence to these legal requirements is essential.

Further information on legal matters:

Brochure of the German Medical Association on the medical care of people without residence status