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Welcome to Medinetz Karlsruhe

More and more people in Germany are so-called “people without papers”. Colloquially (not by the legislator) they are often referred to as “illegals”, the term illegally would be more appropriate. They are people without a legal residence status, who stay in Germany for different reasons and do not have the necessary papers.

Naturally, there are no reliable figures about the number of “undocumented migrants” in Germany. In general, the number in Germany is estimated at about 1,000,000.

In Germany, “undocumented migrants” de facto have no unimpeded access to medical care. When they are ill, help is usually organized through their own networks, or only sought when there is no other way. For the protection of human rights, however, the residence status may not be decisive. This also applies to access to healthcare services for undocumented migrants.

 …No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another – Charles Dickens

The Medinetz works as a switchboard that offers people without health insurance an anonymous and free access to medical care.

We guarantee that we maintain absolute secrecy about personal data and the content of the discussions.

Anyone who has the desire and time to participate, is invited!